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Q: How long time Cabidi has development
A: We start development our TripPRO engine since 2011.
Now we are leading drivig diary/mobile taxi meter
Q: How to start?
A:   1. Go to google play and download Cabidi taxi meter 
     2. Start app and accept user policy and rules to use
     3. First time in new device you receive automatically 25 free test drive times.
         Later if you like to continue to use, you need subscribe license via “shop” menu.       
     4. Check all settings that they are suitable for you use and happy driving

Q:Is internet access required for use this app?
A:Internet access is required for maps and navigation.
Also app licensing is need regular based Internet connection.
SumUp payment integration need internet
Far calculate by distance or time requires only GPS or OBD (bluetooth) connection

Q: In driving, is fare calculate by drived route
A: No, we use or own formula for calculate fares by using GPS or OBD. Maps or route are not used in this mode. 

Q: Which is better GPS or OBD
A: For taxi drive mode we recommend use OBD because
1: OBD is integrated to car own electronic and measure distance/fare even in big cities and tunnels where may not be good GPS signal available.
2: In many country law says that digital taxi meter cannot be use GPS and measure need to be done via car own OBD. Check you local law which mode is suitable for you use. Mostly in EU area OBD measure is only allowed in taxi use but if you just drive private limousine you can use GPS or OBD whatever you like.

Q: Can I setup my own farers?
A: Yes you can, there fares for Day-, Night- fares, 4 fully fixed extra fare and several base fares.

Q: I Cabidi support receipt printers?
A: Cabidi is support directly printing ESC/POS (58mm) type printer via bluetooth or via printer proxy app and SumUp support StarPRNT which is not supported directly by Cabidi.
Read more about SumUp printer support: https://help.sumup.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008493708-Printers
Example model for basic ESP/POS printer: https://amzn.to/2EVcBQj